About Us

Bambacore – the eco-friendly alternative

Bambacore is an Australian based company that is providing bio-based solutions and services to the plastics industry. With its innovative technologies, Bambacore provides ways to use the incredible benefits of bio-polymers and natural fibres, including bamboo, rice and straw husk, to address some modern day challenges like sustainability, light-weighting and cost competitiveness.

Bambacore provides bio-polymers and compounds suitable for injection and extrusion moulding, thermoforming and consumer products that are an eco-friendly alternative to fossil-derived materials.

A Symbol of Truth

Bamboo has been regarded as a symbol of truth and consistency, as it stands upright and is green irrespective of the season. This results in bamboo being the most reliable and sustainable plant on Earth.

Bio-based solutions and services to the plastics industry.