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About Us

Bambacore is an Australian based company that is providing eco friendly bio-based solutions and services to the plastics industry. With its innovative technologies, Bambacore provides ways to use the incredible benefits of bio-polymers and natural fibres, including bamboo powder, rice and coffee husk, wheat straw and wood powder, to address some modern day challenges like sustainability, light-weighting and cost competitiveness.

Bambacore provides bio-polymers and compounds suitable for injection and extrusion moulding, thermoforming and consumer products that are an eco-friendly alternative to fossil-derived materials.

Our current natural fibre composite materials

Natural fibre pellets

Our compounds are 100% bio-based, biodegradable and compostable according to EN13432 & ASTMD6400.

Natural fibre sheets

Sheets and foils are suitable for compression moulding and thermoforming manufacturing processes, delivered in both durable and biodegradable grades.

Available in multiple colours

Our compounds are suitable for injection and extrusion moulding processes. All grades can be engineered to deliver performance improvements over traditional plastics. Grades can replace most PP/PE components.

Solutions For Many Industries

Agricultural and Garden

Biodegradeable compounds that contain natural fibre-reinforcement makes for ideal use within the agricultural and gardening industries. Applications include mulch film and plant pots.


Increase use of renewable resources in various building and construction needs, such as wall cladding, flooring, roofing, and decking.

Home and Office

Avoid the use of harmful polymers such as melamine, and increase the use of clean, compostable resources through bio-plastic composites used in everyday products at home and in the office. Applications include sustainable food packaging and cutlery. An ideal alternative to single-use plastic packaging.


Replace plastic, reduce use of synthetic fibres and also consider replacing other under performing materials with natural fibre materials in your automotive and mass transport vehicles.

Bambacore – leaving the world a better place than we found it.

Bio-based solutions and services to the plastics industry.

Benefits of our reinforcements?

  • Bamboo absorbs and stores more CO2 than other plants

  • Abundantly available fibres extracted after 2–3 years; rice harvested 2 times/year

  • Low odor and no volatile organic compounds (VOC ) emissions; non allergic

  • Social contribution brings high‐value employment into rural areas

  • Steady supply chain with   reliable and sustainable supply from local sources

  • Superior mechanical properties, like strength, stiffness, impact resistance and acoustics/NVH etc.

  • Improved durability and temperature resistance

  • Light weight, resulting in excellent specific properties

  • Eco-friendly with significant reduction of non‐degradable/non‐compostable polymers

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A Symbol of Truth

Bamboo has been regarded as a symbol of truth and consistency, as it stands upright and is green irrespective of the season. This results in bamboo being the most reliable and sustainable plant on Earth.