Our Vision

At Bambacore we have innovative technologies that enable us to use the incredible strength of bamboo, rice and straw husk to address some modern day challenges including sustainability, environment-hazard, light-weighting, cost-competitiveness while assisting organisations to achieve eco-friendly outcomes.

We utilise natural fibres, ensuring our materials provide a sustainable solution and addresses environmental considerations to reduce our carbon foot print and growing concerns associated with single-use plastics. Benefits include improved mechanical properties with greater strength and rigidity.

Bambacore composite materials are suitable for a diverse range of industries such as agriculture and gardening, automotive interiors, houseware, consumer products, construction and packaging. We offer both bio-degradable and durable compounds.

We have grown into a trusted, unified group, enabling organisations to use high-tech, bio-based, light weight composite materials for their products. We are Australian based with in-country technical support with strategic business partnerships in other regions including Europe, India, Korea, Hong Kong and China.

Bio-based solutions and services to the plastics industry.

A Symbol of Truth

Bamboo has been regarded as a symbol of truth and consistency, as it stands upright and is green irrespective of the season. This results in bamboo being the most reliable and sustainable plant on Earth.