Bambacore Organic Plastic Composites – Made to Degrade

Spectabio and Bioblend grades are bio-polymers and bio-compounds being compostable according to EN 13432, hence rated as biodegradable (in industrial compost conditions). Spectabio B and Spectabio T grades are biodegradable in soil and sea-water.

Spectabio grades are reinforced with  bamboo powder (B), rice husk (R), coffee husk (C), wheat straw (W) or wood powder (H).

Bioblend grades are engineered blends of different bio-polymers filled with mineral fillers. All grades are compostable according to EN 13432 & ASTM D6400 (biodegradable in industrial compost conditions).

Bioblend B & T grades are designed to be biodegradable in soil according to EN 17033. Bioblend L grades are heat resistance to above 110 °C (HDT-B).

All grades are biodegradable and compostable (microbial and enzymatic degradation)  with no micro-plastic outputs.

All compounds have improved thermal and mechanical properties with reduced cost levels. To suit different product needs, we have grades with varying mechanical, thermal and processing properties. All grades are ready-to-use feedstock moulding grades (delivered as compounds) or thermforming/compression moulding grades (delivered as sheets, glossy finish, available in sizes up to 2.00 m (in extrusion direction) to 1.30 m (perpendicular), thickness of 0.6 mm to 2.5 mm).

The properties of different grades vary over a wide range and support different kind of manufacturing processes. Bambacore bio-based materials target all kinds of products like thin-walled disposables, storage containers, packaging, houseware parts, toys, gardening parts, agricultural applications and many more.

Bambacore natural fibres are high-performing but still affordable; therefore Bambacore compounds come at cost levels that finally make sense for everybody.

Bambacore offers in-country technical support and consultation to meet your requirements.



  • Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS),
  • Detailed Technical Data Sheets (TDS),
  • REACH compliance certificates and other certificates are available on request.

For more information on technical specifications, please download our PDF.

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A Symbol of Truth

Bamboo has been regarded as a symbol of truth and consistency, as it stands upright and is green irrespective of the season. This results in bamboo being the most reliable and sustainable plant on Earth.